Version 2 Protocol Server Down

Unknown reason by artificial mining server or ams doing by traffic lately. But host as digital ocean not wanna responding for what trouble. Since 1 days ago the v2 blockchain is down make impact of AriA v2 is not syncing 1 day.

CEO of Nur1Labs said will check today(this day) and hope solved mystery of the data loss. By impact of this price down to $650 usd per coins.

In fact the founder not worried about AriA down since connex is stable same as world wide price aka Fiat money.

CEO tell to the head of Network Thomas said will do some big punch since Asia is biggest invest every year cryptocurrency.

Chief Recruiter Officer nana said. The plan must be run this month. As CEO said on beginning. The CRO said so the faster updates on planning system. The plan is good

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